There are many different brands on the market that supports OpenVPN without flashing. However the one's we suggest are ASUS. ASUS Provides Gaming Routers that supports OpenVPN Client natively, without flashing it.

You can also flash it to MERLIN which would allow you to have up to 8 OpenVPN Profiles at once installed. As well as force only specific devices under the VPN, rather than all.

We suggest the following ASUS routers:
RT-AC5300 (Very High Price - But AMAZING, Supports MERLIN & has really good processors)
RT-AC88U (High Price - But good, supports MERLIN)
RT-AC3100 (High Price - But good, supports MERLIN)

You can view the full list of what ASUS Merlin WRT Supports:

To flash the router, all you need is to download the correct firmware & upload it via the router.

Before purchasing any router, make sure to do your own research wether it supports OpenVPN. It is very important the router has a good processor & you have a good internet. Running VPN on router will always decrease your speed by a lot, but you'll stay protected.

Many ASUS Routers does not require any flashing in order to use VPN Client. When looking for a router, you want to make sure it has OpenVPN Client!
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