Install OpenVPN Connect via Google Playstore:

Now that you have successfully installed it, you shall move to the next step which is downloading the configuration files or the (ovpn) files from your OctoVPN user panel:

A new compressed/zipped file called “” should be downloaded on your phone, now you have to extract it wherever you wish, for example I’ve extracted the file in a folder i previously made called “OctoVPN config file”

2 new folders called “TCP & UDP” should appear after you extract the “” file, those folders contain the servers that you’re going to use in OpenVPN connect.

Now let’s launch OpenVPN to import the servers from where you’ve previously extracted the files.

You can import the files by pressing the (+) orange button and choosing “FILE” as the destination.

Now you have to select the location which is where you originally extracted the files, then choose the server you want to import in my case I’ve chosen the Atlanta TCP server.

The application should ask you for a username & a password, those credentials are the same ones you use to connect to the desktop/PC OctoVPN application.

You can find your login information here: (Click view details).

Now we just press “ADD” then connect and boom! we’re connected to an OctoVPN server using the OpenVPN connect application

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