Thank you for purchasing OctoVPN, this tutorial will help you to get started so you can be protected agaisnt online attacks & respecting your privacy.

Windows Tutorial
Our Windows tutorial will show you how you can connect to our VPN Service using our official OctoVPN Client.

Head over to our Downloads section in our Portal (VPN > Downloads) & download OctoVPN Windows Client.
Extract the software from the ZIP and run the setup, once completed open up the OctoVPN Software.
It will ask you for Login Details, these can be found by heading over to VPN in our Portal, select your Active service then you'll see your username & password. Use the following details that it provides, to login into our application.
Once signed in, you will now see the full server list. Simply select any location & click connect!

Once connected, the IP Address in the tool will change to our VPN. You can verify that by heading over to to see if you are connected to the VPN.

If you want to use it on your Console, there are two solutions
The "Windows Mobile Hotspot" feature, if your computer supports that:
Sharing the connection with an Ethernet Cable:

We strongly advice method 1, however for method one you need to have a computer that is compatiable with the "mobile hotspot" feature. Most people use method 2.

The VPN Login details can be found by going to - it is not the same login details you
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