Currently WireGuard is only enabled for certain Private Server locations. We are currently developing a Windows Client which will automate all this, however to do it manually & try it out now - this is how.

Download WireGuard:

How to generate a Public Key
Download WireGuard and open it up.
Click "Add Tunnel" then select "Empty Tunnel" from the dropdown.

Put a name, for example "AMS-WireGuard-Private".
Copy the "Public Key". This is the key you'll use below!

How to add Public Key to OctoVPN
Head over to your Private Server Panel at
Click "Users"
Click "WireGuard Peers". If you don't see this, then it is not enabled for you.

Paste your WireGuard Public Key then click "Add Peer".
Click "Show Config" and copy-paste that config into WireGuard.

The peer takes up to 30 seconds to fully add, please be patient & wait.

How to connect to WireGuard
Copy the config and paste it below the "PrivateKey" in WireGuard.
Click "Activate" then wait 2-3 seconds & enjoy.

This is how your final WireGuard config should look like
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