In order to set a custom hostname, you'll need to own a Private Server.

You also need to own a domain, and have know how to make a new A-Record & point it to your Server's IP Address.

Head over to and click your active Private Server VPN Service that you'd like to customize the hostname of.
Where you see the hostname below the VPN IP, click the "Cog" icon to modify it.
Enter the domain you'd like to use as hostname. Make sure the domain contains an A-Record that points to your VPN Server's IP Address!

Keep in mind that the domain needs to have an A-Record in your DNS to point to your VPN IP Address.

Below is a screenshot, on how we would do it in CloudFlare. The hostname we want to use is "" so we have to point our VPN IP Address (which in this example is to & tick off the Orange Cloud to disable the CloudFlare Proxy Protection if you use CloudFlare.

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