One of the best ways to use OctoVPN on your console & one of the easiest is by using the Windows "Mobile Hotspot" feature. This is way better than using a router or anything else -- also easier to do.

To use this feature, you need to make sure that your Computer/Laptop supports the hotspot sharing feature.

To check this, follow these steps
Select the Start button, then select Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot
Here you should be able to enable "Share my Internet connection with other devices". If this feature is not available, then your PC does not support it. You can buy Wireless adapters for this purpose, however before doing so - make sure to check that it supports the mobile hotspot feature.

How to use Mobile Hotspot feature with OctoVPN
Enable the "Share my internet connection with other devices"
After opening up the "Mobile hotspot" panel, you'll see "Related Settings" in the right sidebar. Please click "Change adapter options".
Look for the adapter that is called "TAP-Windows Adapter V9" and right click Properties on it.
Click the "Sharing" tab then enable both options. Select a private network, here in the dropdown you should see a "Local" or "LAN" Connection. There should only be one, select that one then click OK.

Once completed, connect to OctoVPN to the server you desire, then head over to your other device & connect to the hotspot you've created using the credentials that was provided/that you created.

Once connected on your device, head over to to make sure that you are fully connected to the hotspot & that the VPN is enabled properly. If it is, you'll see that your device is now connected to your computer's WiFi hotspot and that the IP Address is also our VPN!

Smart Tips
- You can customize the Network Name & Network Password, this will be the credentials you'll use later in the tutorial to connect to. For example on your PlayStation 4 or XBOX One, you'll need to connect via WiFi to these credentials.
- It is important you share the internet connection, otherwise the "LAN/Local Connection" may not appear when sharing.

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