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Using WinMTR for Traceroute to Diagnose Network Issues

WinMTR is a free utility that can be used to diagnose network issues by measuring the performance of a network connection. To use WinMTR, follow these steps:

Download WinMTR from the following link:
Extract the downloaded zip file and run the WinMTR executable file.
In the "Host" field, enter the IP address of the network device you want to test.
Click "Start" to begin the test.
WinMTR will start pinging the specified host and will display the results in a table. The table will show the ping time and packet loss for each hop between your computer and the destination host.
If you see high ping times or high packet loss, it indicates a potential network issue. You can use the information from the table to help diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.
When you are finished, click "Stop" to end the test. You can then save the results to a file for later analysis or reference.

WinMTR can be a useful tool for diagnosing network issues and identifying potential problems. By measuring the performance of a network connection, it can help you determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Run WinMTR in two trials. The first one should be performed on your home connection with your Private Server as the "Host". The second trial should be run while connected to the Private Server, with "" as the "Host".
By following these steps, you can compare the performance of your home connection and the Private Server to determine if there are any network issues. This information can be useful for troubleshooting and identifying potential problems.

Updated on: 10/12/2022

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