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People ask us daily about what's the best DDoS Protected server, this can really variate. Most people think that OVH-GAME & NFO are the best ones, that's wrong.

We have servers with all the major DDoS Protected hosting providers, that includes: OVH-GAME, Hydra, NFO, Hetzner, CloudFlare, Linode, Corero, Nelax & Path.

Right now, the best DDoS Protected server available is Path.

Path DDoS Protection
1Tbps Capacity
Really Fast Support
Experienced Anti-DDoS Team
Patched UDP-RAPE & KILL ALL Completely, something other hosts said was not possible.
10Gbps Port Servers (!!)
Insane Hole-Punching Protection for both UDP & TCP Traffic, making it pretty much undownable.

Path are actually the only host which has completely patched the bypass methods, that were considered as unpatchable.

We have Path servers in the following locations
Chicago, United States,
New York, United States.
Los Angeles, United States.
Dallas, United States.
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All Path servers includes a 10Gbps Port, which means even if the attack were to leak 1-2Gbps (which it won't) the server will remain unaffected.

Read more about Path's Advanced DDoS Protection at their website:

OVH-GAME DDoS Protection is very unstable, as they randomly apply custom profiles without consulting. And it can take weeks till they fix false-positives in their protection system, due how large and global they are. While Path, will fix it within a couple of hours.

NFO DDoS Protection uses firewall rules on their dedicated servers, rather than on their network level (routers). They are also very slow with fixing new methods that are leaking, and usually tell their clients to use "iptables" to block traffic. Even if the port speed is maxed, which means there is nothing you can do at a VPS or Dedi to fix these attacks without having a large network. They offer the client option to use custom BPF rules, which we've used to patch bypasses ourself.
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