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How to Change Your Cloud Private Server Firewall Settings

Our Akamai/Cloud servers are equipped with an advanced firewall, offering two distinct modes for enhanced security.

Normal Mode
- Suitable for most users, this mode keeps VPN connection ports open for general access.
- However, it may be vulnerable to complex attacks.

Strict Mode aka. Paranoid Mode
- Ideal for users with static IPv4 addresses or a hostname for their home IP.
- This mode blocks all unapproved traffic, safeguarding against DDoS attacks and unauthorized access. Even with leaked OpenVPN/WireGuard configurations, connection is impossible without firewall clearance.

Utilize "DDNS" which is supported on many routers to assign a unique domain/hostname (e.g., that links to your home IP. After activating the strict firewall, our system will automatically update your dynamic IP in the firewall, maintaining your security.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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