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Locate Your OctoVPN Credentials


Your OctoVPN credentials are crucial for accessing and configuring your VPN connection, whether you're using a public server or a private server. In this guide, we'll direct you to the OctoVPN Services Portal where you can easily locate your credentials for both public and private servers.

Public Servers:

Access the OctoVPN Services Portal:
- Visit in your web browser.

Select Your Active Plan:
- Log in to your OctoVPN account if prompted.
- Once logged in, you will see a list of your active plans. Select the plan for which you need to locate the credentials.

Locate Your Username and Password:
- Within the details of your active plan, you'll find your Username and Password listed. These credentials are required for connecting to OctoVPN.

Private Servers:

If you're part of a private server, follow these additional steps:

Access the OctoVPN Services Portal:
- Visit in your web browser.

Locate Your Individual Credentials:
- Once logged into the private server dashboard, navigate to the user management section.
- In the user management section, you will find a list of users. Each user will have their own unique Username and Password. Locate your username and password within this list.

Updated on: 06/04/2024

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